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About us

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fresh salads are healthy, nutritious and delicious!

They are carefully selected, washed, cut and ready to be served. Add ingredients to taste and enjoy a light and tasty meal.

Veggieland salad mixes offer a variety of delicious fresh and crispy vegetables grown under the warmth of the Mediterranean sun and strict quality control.

Guaranteed Fresh

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From seed to fork vegetables come from crops that follow the rules of Good Agricultural Practice and the strictest EU requirements.

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Shortly after harvesting, Veggieland vegetables are stored at the required low temperatures to keep them cool and crisp.

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Every leaf is naturally cleansed, cut, triple-washed, gently dried and packed directly.

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In its special protective packaging, Veggieland salads stay alive and fresh until ready for consumption.

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Veggieland fresh salads are delivered by specialized vehicles and kept in the store cooling sections. They have short expiry dates and we recommend them to be stored at low temperatures until final use.


The Barba Stathis company, part of Vivartia group of companies, is a trustworthy food producer adhering to the quality and safety assurance standards of EN ISO 9001/2008, EN ISO 22000/2005, I.F.S. & B.R.C. The company has implemented “Integrated Farm Management System“, which guarantees the safety and high quality of the crops and the preservation of the vitamins and nutritional value of the produce until it reaches the consumer.